Where to Find Me

Discord: pinkfawn#3345

About me & Characters

about me

  • pink/Ellie

  • 28, F (She/her), aquarius

  • sapphic (bi)

  • in a relationship, closed &long term

  • equestrian & hobby artist

  • vegan

  • autistic + possibly adhd

  • i have kienbock's disease (lunate bone in right wrist is dead, can't bend wrist at all + have weakened hand strength) which is very painful and makes art hard/slow! please be patient.

  • blm, LGBT+ friendly, acab, land back

  • please do not interact if you are a minor

about my characters

  • please do not offer for my characters unless they are explicitly for sale or trade

  • do not use my characters for any roleplay

  • my characters often deal with adult themes especially sex work. if this makes you uncomfortable please do not interact

  • my characters also often deal with heavier themes such as sexual violence and abuse. i use my characters as a way to cope and if this makes you uncomfortable please do not interact

  • i put a lot of work and effort into not only my characters designs but also their personalities and stories. i dont mind characters who are inspired by mine but please do not color pick or copy specific details from them

  • i'm a big fan of ungulates, especially cervines, equines and bovines. most of my characters are ungulates.

  • pink is my favorite color and i incorporate it a lot into my designs, i am aware of this no need to point it out

  • i am much more comfortable with making female characters (especially sapphic) than i am male characters. i only make male characters when they are needed in my world building

  • some of my villain characters are religious zealots, demons and sometimes even angels. my main characters are fallen angels. the concept of religion in my headspace for my characters is more tolerant and general unlike real world religion. i am non-religious. if this makes you uncomfortable please do not interact.

roleplay info

  • i only roleplay in paragraph, third person perspective. no script or first person, please.

  • i tend to be fine with mirroring my partner's roleplay length, though i do prefer multiple paragraphs

  • i only roleplay with partners who are 18+, regardless of the theme of a roleplay

  • i much more prefer world building, and story telling than smut roleplay

  • i don't mind smut/kinks in roleplay but i prefer not to have it be entirely centered around it unless we are writing scenes for character building

  • all my characters can be used for roleplay EXCEPT pinkfawn and cupcake. pinkfawn is my fursona, not an OC, and represents myself specifically. cupcake is just a mascot with no character development

roleplay comfort

  • i prefer no more than two other partners in one roleplay

  • discord or dm's are my preferred method of rp, but if you have a forum or toyhouse world i have no problems joining that

  • anyone is welcome to send me a roleplay request as long as you are not a minor

  • i don't mind shipping certain characters but please read their bios thoroughly to make sure they aren't already in a relationship or have any limitations on shipping

  • if you are interested in shipping please be upfront about it so we can decide if the two are a good match for each other

  • if smut happens i don't mind being as detailed as you're comfortable with (wiriting out the entire scene vs "fade to black")

  • most violence i am okay with writing but please notify me about your intentions before the scene. some things like mutilation, torture, killing my characters I am not okay with even if its not written out. i can't really think of any scenario that my characters would end up like a situation like that, and even if they did please speak with me beforehand


  • if you feel inclined to draw a scene from our roleplay you do not need to ask permission

  • if you want to just randomly draw me something (bless) you also do not need to ask permission. i don't really mind adult artwork of my characters (except for pink or cupcake), so feel free to draw them with yours

  • please do not change the gender of my characters, their species or add opposite gender genitals to my characters

  • please ask my permission if you feel incline to draw kink-type artwork of my characters. i am okay with most kinks but please ask, the worst i will say is no so it doesn't hurt to ask

  • also please don't draw my characters pregnant?? this was something i had to deal with in an old friend group a few years ago and i never really knew how to vocalize it made me uncomfortable so i'm doing it now

Why 'do not interact if under 18'?

  • Short answer: it makes me uncomfortable

  • longer answer: i have a lot of characters that deal with adult themes. i will not be held responsible for minors who see adult themes in my characters or NSFW artwork

  • if you do not have your age somewhere in your bio where i can see it, you will be blocked. i am sorry if you think this is unfair, or if you think that you are mature enough. for the safety of myself i do not want minors following me. feel free to follow me on your 18th birthday

  • even if younger than 18 is considered 'adult' in your country, i still ask that you do not follow until 18 because that is how it is in my country

Weekly Schedule

  • here's what i'm working on typically during a week. please note that ordered YCH/art trades are worked on M-F 8am-3pm range /despite/ the schedule below, owed art takes priority aside from real life work. this schedule is just what i'm doing if there's no orders/art trades to be filled.

  • Monday- real life work 4pm-7:30pm, sometimes streaming, sometimes character bios

  • tuesday- new YCH go up (if i have any)

  • wednesday- real life work 4:30-8pm, sometimes streaming, sometimes character bios

  • thursday- new YCH go up (if i have any)

  • friday- real life work 3:30pm-7pm, sometimes streaming, sometimes character bios

  • saturday- NO owed art is worked on, sometimes streaming with friends

  • sunday- NO owed art is worked on, sometimes streaming with friends